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Name: Arashi Aoi
Age: 20
Class: High Priest
Gender: Male
Orientation: Gay
Relationship: Single
Eye Color: Blue Grey
Hair Color: Metalic Blue
Place of Birth: Umbala
Family: Tristan Skyshadow (half-brother), Uenoh'ai (Sister)
Zodiac: Capricorn
Blood Type: A
Favorite Color: Blue
Intrests: Rainy Days, Animals, Books, Oceans, Lakes, Streams.
Personality: Strange, spastic, caring, loyal. His personality is as fluid as a stream driven by his mood.
Appearance: He wears a high priests robe of white and black. Black replaces the usual creme-brown colored fabric of the robe, while blue that of the red. Silver and blue thread border the separate colored parts of the ensemble. His shoes are plain black and white. Deep metallic blue hair falls down around his face in a messy spiky fashion. Slightly elven-like ears poke out from his hair. His eyes reflect pale blue grey when the light hits them, but appear to be mostly blue when not under the light. A pair of slightly transparent white wings jet out from the top of his head. A small silver earring rests on his left ear, and around his neck sits a pendant with a teal dragon emblem. His face looks slightly young, but his eyes carry a look of maturity, depicting him as a person who has overcome many trails. His skin is a soft pale-tan color, acquired from the days of adventuring in the sun. While he is far from tanned, his skin has seen just enough sunlight to be called pale. Build wise, he is more brawny than the average priest, but not at all near the knights and crusaders physical strength.
History: tba.