Name: Asht
Age: 20
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Hometown Cerulean City
Eye Color: Storm Grey
Hair Color: Blue

Personality: Kind hearted deep down, his affection only openly shows to his pokemon and close friends. He is far from rude, but can take time to warm up to someone. He has a strong desire to prove himself, and this can lead him to be cocky and self-centered.

Appearance: Asht stands tall at 6'. He has a muscular build. His blue hair sits on top of his head in a messy spiky fashion. He has some of it coming down into his face and around his ears, while on one side it flips up towards the sky. A trimmed goatee rests on the end of his chin and a simple silver hoop earring hangs in his right ear. An ornate olden key is tattooed over top of his heart on the left side of his chest.

- Blue V-neck short sleeve shirt with darker blue sleeves, white key design on the front.
- Red zipper-down hoodie over top, undone. White draw strings hanging down around the neck.
- Dark dark blue jeans slightly faded down the front. White thread for the seams.
- Black/white/blue shoes to match the outfit. Runners or sneakers.
- Two connected belts that criss-cross at the front and back. They buckle together at the front with a silver clasp. (clasp overlaps where they clasp so the belts just kind of... appear out of it on the sides.)
- On the left of the belt 3 mini pokeballs site on the belt. 3 on the top belt, 3 on the bottom.
- On the right of the belt, the pokedex and pokegear are fastened to it.
- Simple black shoulder bag. With a glaceon-color-themed scarf tied onto it.
- Masculine silver chain with 2 silver rings around his neck.
- Silver small "hoop" earring in right ear.
- Black & Silver headphones around his neck.


Glaceon - Basic colors/design | white key pattern matching Asht's shirt design on the end of his tail in the dark diamond.
Starmie - Basic colors/design | white ring around his top left spike and above the ring a white key pattern matching Asht's shirt design.
Corsola - Basic colors/design | Pink key pattern matching Asht's shirt design in the white part of her underbelly.
Lapras - Basic colors/design | Dark blue key pattern matching Asht's shirt design on the back of his shell.
Dewgong - Basic colors/design | Pale black key pattern matching Asht's shirt design on it's right fin.
Horsea - Basic colors/design | Pale blue key pattern matching Asht's shirt design on his front scales/stomach.