Name: Dorian
Age: 27
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Occupation: n/a
Eye Color: Jade Green
Hair Color: Red
Family: None

Combat Spec: On the outside his guns looks simple, but inside is where high technology resides. Each bullet has compressed nano machines that, when fired, expel an electro magnetic pulse. This can be used in two ways: firstly to disrupt and temporarily render other technology useless in a small area and secondly, to provide electric shock around the area where the bullet is fired. Even if you dodge a bullet, the field is wide enough to do damage within a foot.

Weapon(s): Two Phoenix .22 caliber pistols. A simple pistol with a silencer built in. Reloaded with small magazines.

Personality: Dorian is a generally uncaring person. His only concerns are making money, keeping himself in shape, and attempting to keep his appearance as pleasurable as possible. The last a thing that thoroughly annoys him about the present state of the world, everything is filthy. Slightly OCD and anal about his clothing and surroundings, this is however, contrasted by his incredible laziness. He's not an overly selfish person, but he definitely looks after himself first and foremost.

Appearance: He has chin length red hair falling straight around his face. Bright green eyes rest under heavy set brows. Dorian has a muscular build from his many hours spent working out. A silver hoop sits in his right ear. On his left ass cheek, a silver ornate key is tattood.