Name: Kasten
Age: 20
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Occupation: Scholar
Eye Color: Amber Yellow
Hair Color: Pure White
Family: None

Combat Spec: Vast knowledge in magic, specializing in summoning magic. No hand to hand combat or agility training.

Weapon(s): None.


Appearance: Standing at an average height, Kasten had medium length slightly messy hair the color of snow. Pale, slightly amber-like eyes contrast his hair. His build is on the slim side. While his chest is slightly toned, it is mostly flat. Thin arms and legs accompany his slender midsection. What appears to be a tattoo of numerous interlocked keys is slightly visible above the collar of his shirt on his neck. This tattoo covers the entire left side of his chest up to his neck. A singer silver earring resides in his right ear, and a matching silver Celtic-like ring on his right hand.

History: Growing up, he was trained in the art of magic since he could speak. His entire family being powerful mages, high expectations were set for him to live up to. It was realized at a young age that he could indeed live up to these expectations. His talent with magic was seemingly endless. He excelled in any form of magic, especially summoning and elemental types. His life was happily filled with the study of the magic arts until at the age of 16, everything changed. There was a violent attack on the city, and his entire family was killed. He lost both his sisters, his brother, and both parents. Kasten himself would have perished in the attack had he not been out of the city on a mission for is father. From that day on, all broad study of magic stopped. His only efforts went into restorative and curative magic. The goal in his mind to find out a way to revive those lost. He quickly found out that he would not find out what he needed to know in any white magic book, and began divulging into the dark magics instead.