Name: Cerule Seek
Age: 22
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Occupation: Mage Knight
Eye Color: Red
Hair Color: Dark Blue
Family: Mother, Aunt

Combat Spec: Ice magic. Very agile. His thin but strong build allows him to move fast and powerfully, relying on his speed and magical abbilities completely. Unskilled in melee combat.

Weapon(s): A simple sword, sheathed on his back.


Appearance: Standing at 6'3", Ceru has a slightly muscular swimmers build. His body type is smaller, but what he has is toned. Medium length almost black blue hair falls down around his face messily. Bright red eyes rest on a young looking face. Facial hair rests along his jawline starting at the bottom of his sideburns. A simple silver hoop earring pierces his right ear. His left shoulder blade is decorated with a tattoo of an ornate key in black ink.

History: Growing up with a small family, his mother and his aunt his only family for all of his life; Cerule moved to the big city to attend their university. Obtaining a good scholarship towards their magic artes program, his mother and aunt don't have to worry too much about him financially. After graduating from the university, he took on the title of a Mage Knight and began taking missions sent to the university. He has lived alone for almost two years now.