Name: Asht
Age: 20
Race: Esper/Human
Gender: Male
Residence Thamasa
Eye Color: Storm Grey
Hair Color: Blue
Family: Relm (adoptive sister), Bahamut (Father), Linnea (Mother)

Combat Spec: Destructive fire magic that manifests itself in blue flame. Has the ability to learn much more magic with practice.

Esper Transformation: When Asht morphs into an esper, his form changes. While he retains a human like shape, his skin and body take on a blue ethereal shade. Two demonic-like vibrant blue wings stick out from his back. His hands and feet are a darker shade of blue and both become more claw-like. His hair starts out a light blue at the roots, and fades to an almost black blue at the ends. Normally pale stormy grey eyes glow with silver light.

Weapon(s): None.

Personality: Kind hearted deep down, he can also be rebellious. With a strong desire to prove himself to everyone, he can be cocky and self centered at times.

Appearance: Asht stands tall at 6'. He has a muscular build from working around town combined with basic martial arts training. His blue hair sits on top of his head in a messy spiky fashion. He has some of it coming down into his face and around his ears, while on one side it flips up towards the sky. A trimmed goatee rests on the end of his chin and a simple silver hoop earring hangs in his right ear. An ornate olden key is tattooed over top of his heart on the left side of his chest.

History: Born from the esper Bahamut and a human woman, Asht is a rare breed of half esper half human. For as long as he can remember, he has had a strange power. Unlike the rest of the residents of his town, his power is not that of structured magic, magicite learned, or blue magic. Over the course of his life, his power has gotten more controlled. At times, however, it still gets away from him. His parents were never known to him or those that raised him. Strago and Relm found him at the outskirts of Thamasa after the world of ruin War. Seemingly just born, they decided to raise him as no family or relatives ever seemed to come looking for him. At the age of 10, Strago passed away from old age. Leaving just him and his adoptive older sister alone. While she is only 10 years older than him, she has taken on an almost motherly like role towards Asht. The fact that he has unpredictable and sometimes uncontrollable magic within him has caused the town's residents to deny Asht the privilege to leave the town. The reason told to him is that it's too dangerous for him to venture off alone with the monsters plaguing the land. When in fact, the town and it's elders are more worried about people finding out magic still exists in the world.

World History: It has been 20 years since the world of ruin war ended. Terra the half-esper and her companions thwarted Kefka's evil plans for the world. After that, the espers, magicite and seemingly all the magic in the world disappeared. The espers themselves deemed humans too greedy and prone to war with the prospect of magic in their grasps. In 20 years, there has not been a single sighting of an Esper or anything of it's kind. Those who learned magic from the magicite had it slowly fade from their grasp. The world is mostly at peace, but monsters still plague the lands. With most of the world devoid of magic, the only town on the planet still having any magical connection is Thamasa. Some residents of the town can still use magic, and many more are learned blue mages. They guard this secret more carefully than ever before, wary of people seeking magic again. (A knowledge of Final Fantasy VI will greatly help.)